“Coleen has a unique talent for matching images to words in a way that illuminates both. Everyone who has seen the video searches for superlatives to describe it; basically they are blown away.”

—Lewis Richmond, teacher and author of 4 books,  including Aging as Spiritual Practice .

“Creating this video with Coleen was one of the most important and productive processes we undertook as an organization.”

—Joanne Molyneaux, Executive Director, Sukhasiddhi Foundation

“The product that Coleen produced exceeded my expectations . . . Coleen is such a professional to work with and her commitment and dedication produced a video which set the bar for what could be done to bring meaning to the many publications and writings of an accomplished individual.”

—Betsy Gordon, President, Betsy Gordon Foundation

“A beautiful, compelling, and completely successful portrait of Stan Grof . . . told with great feeling. What a wonderful work you have created.”

—Chris Bache, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Youngstown State University

AgeSong Inc., Alliance for Technology Access, Betsy Gordon Foundation, Breakthrough Enterprises, Contemplative Journal, The Chi Center, Fetzer Memorial Trust, Metta Institute, Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Shambhala Publications, Tricycle, The Living/Dying Project, Pacific Institute, as well as numerous authors, teachers, and visionaries.